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And VanderMeer's "Annihilation" is one of the best books of the year. The other books in that trilogy, well...

2: F*** Subsidizing the Super Bowl! The NFL has enough money!

I apologize for the the French but there is nothing worse than free market entities getting upset by the government not supporting them.

In a time of war, government subsidized war insurance seems reasonable. Does that make this reasonable as well?

This could be structured such that the government receives the same return on the terrorism component as do the insurance companies. Unsure if it is, but it seems plausible.

I don't think many governments have ever offered "war insurance". Often it would be impossible to make good on the payments.

Basic point I agree with, but we don't have a free market. Also, are individuals free market entities? As in "free market entities getting upset by the government not supporting them" would apply to quite a few more than the NFL?

I would also point out the only reason why there is a need for the insurance is because the government required it. Nothing free market about this story.

where does the article say the government requires the super bowl to have terrorism insurance? The article discusses how lenders require it for large projects, and it also discusses how insurance companies are required to offer it under the TRIA, but I didn't see where it said the government requires anyone to buy the insurance.

The government created the conditions that would require the NFL to insure against terrorist attacks, it's only right that they pay for it.

Crony capitalism is the new black. Who wants to compete in the free market when you can be a rentier?

Thanks for the link, Tyler Cowen !

Thanks for the link, Mr. Cowen. The first mention of you I've both encountered and remembered was Bob Murphy's Capital Theory article in 2008. I saw something of yours about incentives in Reader's Digest (I think) a few years ago. I'm not a regular Marginal Revolution reader, but I'm occasionally directed to this blog by Bob Murphy and Steve Sailer and other people I regularly read.

This would be appropriate content for an email

It would, but it would also be appropriate for the comments section, so that readers of this blog know what some people linked to by Tyler are like.

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Tyler, could you possibly do a post on VanderMeer? Very unique writer, and given that it appears you read him would be interested to hear your take on him or any of his recent books. (A loyal MR reader).

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