Assorted links

1. How is that higher-order polynomial shaping up?

2. Do academic sociologists discriminate against the poor?

3. Are youth sports one of our biggest signaling problems?  They were great for me (Little League especially, seven years), but much cheaper back then.

4. The movie A Most Violent Year is excellent on the creeping nature of corruption, the operation of credit markets, upward mobility and the nature of the American dream, and the New Jersey heartland circa 1981.  Here is a good article on it.  I liked Selma too.

5. Which are the disproportionately popular ethnic cuisines in each state?  They get most states right, but surely Virginia should be El Salvadoran, not Peruvian, unless they miscount some of the more generic Latino chicken places as Peruvian.  And “Belgian” for D.C.?  I can think of two or three places, although I suspect North Dakota has fewer than that.  Most people might guess Ethiopian.

6. Harvard economics exam from 1953, for senior undergraduates.

7. New drone will hunt other drones.  And “…domestic criticism of the SNB’s large buildup of exchange-rate reserves (euro assets) was mounting.”


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