Assorted links

1. How do pot dealers operate in a blizzard?

2. John Cochrane on why the Swiss broke their peg.  And John on the new unemployment insurance results.

3. The Russian “blockade diet” will indeed help you lose weight.  And The Haggis Lollipop.  And China police suspended after dining on enormous salamander.

4. The top one percent, state-by state; for a given income it is easiest to break into the top in New Mexico, toughest in Connecticut.

5. UK museums are hiding away art works depicting The Prophet Muhammad.

6. How good was Maria Callas?  And Paul Krugman on the game of chicken unfolding in Greece (and Germany).

7. How Raghu Rajan is reshaping economic debate in India.

8. The guy behind Bounded Gaps Between Primes: “No one who knows him thinks that he is suited to a tenure-track position.”


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