Assorted links

1. The new Bloomberg business and economics site.  What do you all think?  And The Guardian will sell ads based on time.

2. Janos Kornai reflects on post-reform Hungary (pdf), important to note that history can run backwards.

3. WaPo on my hypothesis that northern Virginia is becoming two different places.  I liked this piece, but the front page sub-headline (“…Fairfax will fail”), probably not from the author, isn’t descriptive of my views.  I don’t want Fairfax to become like Arlington, and in many ways I prefer the future of Fairfax, although admittedly it will be “less Millenial.”  Perhaps the WaPo sub-headline writers did not consult the MR vocabulary guide, under which “dumpy” usually means “good.”

4. Republish of my earlier post that Andrew Sullivan has been the most influential public intellectual of the last twenty-five years.

5.  And here is a relevant Amazon product, truly markets in everything.  Do you get the point?  “They’ve monetized an Amazon technicality,” Anna writes to me.


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