How to read fast, I mean really fast markets in everything

As part of a publicity stunt, author James Patterson is giving away 1,000 self-destructing digital advance copies of his latest novel, Private Vegas. If you score one, you have 24 hours to finish the entire book before the text vanishes forever. And if that’s just not risky enough, Patterson is selling a real self-destructing copy (for a whopping $294,038) that includes a dedicated bomb squad, among other creature comforts. There are likely much better ways to spend six digits in record time, but it’ll probably be the most exciting reading experience you ever have — no matter how good the story might be.

There is more here, via Kurt Busboom.  Much better than my advice, it would seem.


'you have 24 hours to finish the entire book before the text vanishes forever'

Whatever happened to that dreaded analog hole?

If you can see or hear it, you can copy it.

yeah, take screen shots. problem solved.

Gee, collecting and reading a series of hundreds of JPGs sure sounds like fun! Or you could just go to the library.

This may sound strange, but some people actually don't have a problem typing a few commands to automate the process.

But then, these are likely to the sort of people often described in the mass media as 'pirates' or 'hackers.'

Write a shell script to take a screenshot of every page: 2 hours

Run the script: 30 minutes

Fix and re-run the script after realizing you took 317 pictures of the first page: 2 hours

Learn how to write a GIMP Script-Fu plugin to crop each screenshot to just the book page: 6 hours

Awkwardly read the book with pages that are not zoomed in enough using slideshow software: 11 hours longer than normal

Not needing to leave the comforting glow of your monitor and take a 10 minute drive to the library: priceless

LOL, I have the relevant XKCD pinned to my cork board.

You can learn photoreading....: )

What happens if you 'liberate' the self destructing book in a public place? You get arrested for terrorism?

You win, dude.

Martin Landau or Tom Cruise on the cover page?

I generally enjoy Patterson's books, but reading any of them should take no more than 8-10 hours, even for mouth breathers. The chapters are usually less than two pages and half of the pages are blank. Not a bad gig, if you can find a publisher that employs lazy editors.

The chapters are usually less than two pages and half of the pages are blank


But you have to remember that Patterson has been in a coma for 10 years:

In his Dec 2006 advice column, TC alludes to some bookstore outfit called "Borders". They've not expanded to all corners of the country, apparently . . . .

Even if I can handle it as a fast reader, I see no pleasure in rushing from page to page, do you?

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