MRU Collectibles!

Come to the MRU booth in the exhibit hall for at the AEA convention for coffee between 2 and 4pm today and collect economist cereal boxes!



Seems Smith is suffering from pica.
Pica is characterized by an appetite for substances that are largely non-nutritive, such as paper, clay, metal, chalk, soil, glass, or sand.

Are you serving Flat White?

And then put them up on eBay!

Why is A. Smith eating pins?!?

So he'll stay sharp, of course!

Such generous sponsors of the free MRU experience - why, a 8' x 10' C booth at the convention only costs $1,650 ( - no information if that is per day or per event duration).

And apparently, the box hand out will only be for two hours - which makes sense, of course, as Prof. Tabarrok and Prof. Cowen hopefully have more to do at an economics association annual meeting than handing out giveaways in an exhibit booth over three days.

Of course, maybe the booth is shared over the meeting among any number of like minded individuals. Or possibly provided by the same sources that fund MRU's data back end and its video studio expenses. Leading to the thought that to save money and space, the boxes don't actually have any cereal, needing to be assembled in the booth (the truly cynical would point out, or celebrate, how easy it is not to pay grad students).

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