Assorted links

1. Andrei Shleifer on Clark award winner Matt Gentzkow.

2. Steven Pinker responds to some critics on violence (pdf).  Are liberals more biased in their judgments of science?  (yes, maybe so)  After Portland, D.C. is gentrifying more quickly than anywhere else in the nation.

3. Visions of the future, from the golden age of futurism.

4. Might TTIP actually bring some free trade to education?

5. “The Planck data confirm the basic predictions that quantum fluctuations are at the origin of all structures in the Universe.”

6. Syriza and the French indemnity of 1871-73; I disagree with much of this essay but still it has something new and interesting to say about the Greek debt crisis.  The piece is discussed by Matt Klein at the FT here.

7. Lee Smolin and Roberto Unger have a book together, sort of.


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