Assorted links

1. Is TV the next internet?  And George Selgin reviews Calomiris and Haber.

2. Um vs. uh.

3. Michael Pollan’s piece on psychedelics should win one of those David Brooks magazine awards (“Sidneys”), as it will prove one of the best and most important long reads of the year.  Among its other virtues, it confirms my view that the “psychedelic theorists” of the 1960s and 70s (and sometimes earlier, as with Huxley) remain underrated thinkers.

4. On the changes in China’s intellectual landscape.

5. Trying to test Schrodinger’s cat: do quantum states apply at the macro level too?

6. How many Harvard students actually attend Harvard lectures, or has Harvard already mastered on-line education? (pdf)

7. Proof that the robots are not benevolent.


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