Assorted links

1. What are the new status symbols? (for one operator of private flights, the number of pets exceeded the number of people on a flight sixty-five different times; actually that strikes me as possibly efficient).  And here is an article on the Four Seasons private jet experience: “We didn’t sleep much on the flights, because we were always having much too much fun drinking champagne and giving our neighbors nicknames,” said passenger Davidson. An interior designer from Calgary, she booked the trip to celebrate her 55th birthday and wound up forging new friendships. “We loved our space and all of the people who were surrounding us.”

2. Russia has a steam locomotive reserve, still.  In case of nuclear war.

3. We have figured out why the earth hums.

4. Svetozar Pejovich attacks Milovan Djilas.

5. Acemoglu’s lecture notes on weak and strong states.

6. Fortunately, the Somewhat More Serious People seem to be taking over the Greek debt negotiations.


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