Thursday assorted links

1. 12 Communist buildings that are still standing; I like most of them.  A lot.

2. Where should you give to help Nepal?

3. Partisan nudge bias (pdf).

4. An argument that TPP isn’t so good for the global poor.  I would note a few points: first, trade diversion arguments, if applied consistently, would in practice leave us with pretty high levels of protectionism.  There are plenty of estimates TPP will lead to more trade, not just diverted trade.  Also, if Vietnam doesn’t gain that much from this trade, how can the trade diversion effect be so significant?  Second, to the extent “trade” is not so important, bad IP law should not be so costly either.  I find many trade skeptics suddenly start gushing over the benefits of trade once the topic of trade-limiting IP comes up.  A lot of the critics wish to have their cake and eat it too.

5. Do black mayors produce better outcomes for black residents?

6. Commentisweird.


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