Assorted China links


#4 (so predictable, I know) aren't a natural constituency for Western feminists. They're like Mean Girls, but on strike.

7. "In a word: Lookism, attention to surface as a measure of value and authenticity."

Isn't that what fashion is really all about? The writer doesn't seem to be too enthused about the whole thing.

#3 is unlikely. Cantonese are more successful and there's already movements to protect the language. The North of China peaked under Mao, the South rises again.

Why would wealthy Chinese not want to diversify their assets after a run up in the local stock market? Is that "capital flight?"

2. Obviously yet another example of "white privilege"
3. Typical NYT, the show is criticised because it doesn't go on enough about the exploitation of poor China by colonialism/capitalism but the only mention of the perverse embrace of the cultural revolution by certain NYT readers is that they were rebelling against consensus.

Personally, I like Qiu Xiaolong murder mysteries about Inspector Chen of Shanghai. But I think he lives in America now.

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