Friday assorted links

1. I am sorry people, I can no longer tell what is satire and what is not.  I am so sorry.

2. Chinese Communists preferred.  And China overtakes U.S. as top ice cream market.  And Adam Sandler strikes the Taj Mahal, not the Great Wall.  Read also about Captain Phillips at the bottom of that piece: “The reality of the situation is that China will probably never clear the film for censorship,” wrote Bruer. “Reasons being the big Military machine of the U.S. saving one U.S. citizen. China would never do the same and in no way would want to promote this idea. Also just the political tone of the film is something that they would not feel comfortable with.”

3. A guide to the worm wars, not Dune though, sorry.  Goldacre responds in the comments.

4. Robert F. Graboyes, Fortress and Frontier in American Health Care, a new eBook.

5. Should Greece have defaulted in 2010?

6. Against culinary communism.

7. One of the best summaries of what we know about the minimum wage.


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