Friday assorted links

1. More on China and the silver standard.

2. Is there too much cream cheese on your bagel for the same reason the air conditioning is too cold?

3. The gravity model (trade) in ancient times.  A remarkable piece.

4. Switzerland launches special trains for Asians, Rigi-Kulm edition.  But back home in China: “The service sectors we do have data for have flat or falling output similar to other industries.”  Lots of signs of pending negative growth in there.  And the NYT covers the rise of China’s zombie factories.

5. Critique of Daniel Bell on Chinese meritocracy.

6. The theological poverty economist.  And she is moving to GW.

7. The cash or the tuna?  The law firm is taking the cash.

8. One of Facebook’s founders is taking on the Fed.

9. New AEA video on how good and interesting the life of an economist is.  I don’t find it so informative, and it is odd how little economic reasoning it uses.

10. Can a novelist be too productive?


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