Monday assorted links

1. Don Boudreaux responds to Dani Rodrik on free trade.  And Arnold Kling responds.  And Dan Klein reviews Charles C.W. Cooke’s The Conservatarian Manifesto.

2. A quick way to access what betting markets are telling us about the candidates.

3. The NBA is moving toward wearable tech — are you next?

4. More data on Chinese services, including telecom.

5. Should we adjust for this data, or learn from it?  The temporal evolution of citation counts, across fields.

6. Generalized results about interest rates and banks profits, check out the Chicago Fed link here, Genay and Podjasek, it is #2 in the order which comes up for me, or try this link.  Overall banks are more profitable when interest rates are low, contra some recent blog posts by Krugman.   This effect is especially strong for small banks, which have a good deal of political power.  In any case “Interest rate changes generally have small effects on bank profits…” and that effect is dominated by the effect from macroeconomic conditions, including employment and also home prices.  Here are useful comments from Brad DeLong.


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