Which are the best hawker centres in Singapore right now?

Inquiring minds wish to know for the purposes of the next few days…I have my own views, but first would love to hear yours.


Chomp Chomp, Serangoon Gardens. Best Hokkien Mee stall in the island there.

Maxwell Road is a local favorite. Also Fengshan food centre at Block 85 Bedok North St 4, which also made it to the news recently for election-related reasons.

Another vote for Maxwell Road. The freshly rolled popiah is a favourite, or try a bowl of congee deliciously infused with the flavour of whatever meat you choose. Join the 30-person queue for the chicken rice if you must (an overrated dish if ever there was one).

Not a foodie but Holland Village is a great place to eat and drink outside after they close the street to cars after 630pm.

My favorite meal there is the shredded chicken noodle soup with chillies. It's the place next to the ramen restaurant at the other end, away from the bars. The laksa place next door seems very popular too.

Hey, what happened to my Holland Village post?

Anyway, I can back to mention a chicken rice stall at a small hawker center on Jalan Tua Kong road in Siglap. As I said in my previous (now deleted) post I'm not a foodie but this place is always very busy AND I discovered the owner lived in the same condo we did across the street. He owned a unit worth $1.5 million, so obviously lots of people like his chicken rice.

(and now earlier post reappears)

That reminds me of the falafel guy I knew in Boston grad school days. He had tiny hole in the wall counter downtown near some offices, served lunch only. Menu was $5 falafel wraps and just a couple other things. Found out the dude had like an $800,000 house out in Newton. I don't think he had even been in-country that long, maybe 10 years.

Lau Pasat
Zion riverside
East coast seafood centre (for crabs)

I agree with Zion riverside- for braised duck, kueh chap, fish soup,

Bar bar black sheep on Cherry Avenue has the best Indian food I've had in 10 years of being here - hawker or otherwise.

Old airport road
East coast lagoon
Chinatown complex
Tiong bahru
Hong lim market

Second Tiong Bahru market

Old airport road for evening dining

bedok block 81 at night

The nearest one.

I'm a big fan of Tekka Centre on Serangoon Road. It's mostly malay and tamil food (you can get some tasty keralan/malayalam dishes at a couple of the stalls) rather than chinese. Generally high quality and invigorating mix of food stalls and fresh vegetable/fish/meat stalls.

East Coast Lagoon centre is good for seafood and has a great setting by the water (all outdoors, so it's a little less stifling than some of the more bustling indoor hawker centres, as long as you go in the evening).

There are a couple of good ones places in and around Geylang (especially for thai food).

In my opinion Maxwell is overrated and mostly populated by US/European expats and tourists (not that there's anything wrong with that), so it has a different vibe than most hawker centers.

I checked with my wife's sister who has introduced us to several good hawker centre's in SG. She recommends East Coast lagoon hawker centre, Maxwell Road hawker centre, Lau Pa Sat and Holland Village. Many of those have already been recommended by others.

I'd also like to recommend the two best dining experiences I've had in SG. You've already dined at the Equinox. Another surprisingly excellent dining experience is the Singapore Zoo Night Safari.

thank God; this redeems your previous Singapore Michelin star post. please share your hawker centre findings with your readership.


Yes, certainly, but the MRT is yet to stop there

Have to agree with Alex, haha Perhaps you could hop by Penang and Melaka while you're in the region. Malaysian has not much going for it right now, but her food is amazing.

Dunman food court- Joo Chiat- for Zi Char (back corner- fish head noodle, steamed pork, salted egg sotong, double boiled soups), Hokkien mee, wanton Mee (3 different styles) kueh chap abd braised duck

Hong Lim, Zion Road, Tiong Bahru Market, Chomp Chomp, East Coast are all mentioned.

I would add Adam Road Food Centre, which is near the Botanic Gardens.

Newton isn't that bad too, but that place is a potential tourist trap.

Pek Kio Market too for old time sake.

If you happen to be near Maxwell, I'd suggest going to Amoy St food centre instead.

If you are here in the next few days then you are probably going to be hazed out. Why are you coming anyway?

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Amoy foodcourt is a solid choice. Recently reopened, close to CBD and a few gems ranging from Costa Rican to JapKor. Also surprised nobody has mentioned satay alley at Lau Pau Sat...might not be as good as it once was, but still an iconic (and delicious) stop.

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