Friday links

1. “So when she was working on her dissertation at Waterloo in 2014, Colleen Merrifield decided to make a video that would bore most people to tears.

2. Ross Douthat summary post on immigration, very good arguments though I favor considerably more immigration than he does.

3. Demand for El Chapo shirts is high and rising:

Asked about the risks of his advertising – that people might associate Barabas clothing with the brutal murders, cartel wars and legacy of corruption and addiction that Guzmán’s name suggests – Esteghbal paused to think. “No no, we’re just making clothes.

“I cannot say anything right now on that. They can think however they want to think, but reality is reality.”

For now, he said he’s content to sell the shirt, $128 a pop. “And sales are skyrocketing.”

4. Do you have a legal right to stop a drone from hovering over your yardWould it be easy to hack the Fed? (speculative)

5. A mega-meta-list for classical music.

6. Christopher Balding update on China and the loss of confidence: “Fear seems to be gaining a foothold.”


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