Monday assorted links

1. Detroit still has higher levels of lead poisoning than does Flint.

2. Whale dialects and whale tribes and whale culture.

3. “The elfin Ms. Kondo, perhaps the world’s only decluttering celebrity…Now 31, KonMari, as she’s known, exhorts you to ask yourself, “Do your things spark joy?” If not, you must thank them for their service, and send them packing.” NYT link here.  Here is a behavioral economics analysis of Kondo.  I liked this NYT sentence: “It’s a liberating manifesto, though in practice it can take months.”

4. “I, ball point pen [China]”  And Michael Pettis is right about China: “Repaying debt simply means allocating debt-servicing costs, either directly or indirectly, to specific sectors within the economy.”

5. The changing economics of heavy metal.

6. Paul Krugman reviews Robert Gordon.


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