Saturday assorted links

1. Long profile of Richard Posner, more than just the usual.

2. Can robots be lawyers?  A serious, detailed look, goes well beyond the usual.

3. Can editors and journalists be competitors?  A serious, detailed look, with some not entirely pessimistic answers.  In the meantime it is like academia, if academia had to compete.

4. Ed Glaeser reviews Robert Gordon; my own review will be coming out in Foreign Affairs.

5. The culture that is Canada: “I analyzed N.H.L. data from 1980 to 2007 for 737 professional players born in the Canadian prairies. The players share a common environment in the ice rink, but those who were born in areas historically outside the reach of the Mounties were penalized more often — an average of about 1.4 minutes per game — than those who were not — an average of about 1 minute per game. That 0.4 minute difference actually amounts to about 100 additional penalty minutes over a player’s career.” Link here.


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