Thursday assorted links

1. How well is Polish democracy doing?: a symposium.  The answer from the Polish government is the most interesting, even if not entirely accurate.  And might Poland be kicked out of the Eurovision Song Contest?

2. James Fallows is launching a war on leaf blowers.

3. “…at that level it’s best to craft your writing in accordance with Tyler Cowen’s laws, which I’d interpret as: 1) know and allude to the existing literature, 2) show your mastery by acknowledging the major flaws in your argument.

4. Symposium on Jacob Levy’s Rationalism, Pluralism, and Freedom.  And Kareem Abdul-Jabbar’s beautiful mind.

5. Why accurate financial disclosure may harm the interests of shareholders.

6. The economics of Netflix, and is it the next Amazon? (NYT)

7. Computerized dating at Harvard, circa 1965.  And yes it is the same Douglas Ginsburg.


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