Saturday assorted links

1. Should New York City or NY state pay for CUNY?

2. The American middle class is doing fine in Utah.

3. Will German privacy law conflict with the storage of economic data for research?

4. Some of the academics who support Donald Trump and what they say.

5. “The DeafSpace philosophy rests on five basic principles.”  For instance:

Groups of signers will naturally form circles or arcs to include everyone. They avoid long, rectangular tables, which impede views. The least Deaf-supportive space Bauman could think of, when I asked him what it might be, was the traditional classroom with straight rows of desks; that layout breaks up lines of communication, except between student and teacher. Many classrooms at Gallaudet have round or horseshoe-shaped seating arrangements. Meeting rooms may have oval desks; lecture halls are raked, and ideally have multiple aisles so an audience member can easily take the stage when he or she wants to ask a question.

An excellent article, interesting throughout.


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