Tuesday assorted links

1. Progress in human geography (not from The Onion).

2. “It’s the first time that the burger group will also come out to vote,” quipped politician Sheikh Rasheed Ahmed before the elections in May 2013.   “They’re going to join the chapati-and-salan [curry] folk. They might need to carry their laptops on their heads to protect them from the sun.”

The first, underlined link is from the article itself, the source link is here, sprawling but interesting throughout on Pakistan.

3. Livestream sources for the AI Go match against the human champion.

4. The culture that is Britain: “J.K. Rowling tweeted after her visit: “@OrkneyLibrary I had the best time! Thanks for wonderful chat, cake and, of course, letting me touch The Book.”

A photo attached to the tweet shows the author holding a book about organic gardening by Coronation Street actress Thelma Barlow.”

5. Collective memory in bacteria.


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