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Financialization: Cowen's friends at Mercatus have the solution to the financialization of the economy: let markets be markets, even, or most importantly, in the next financial crisis (and it will come). Collapsing financial assets will cure the cancer on the economy. Of course, the problem with this cure is that it may be far worse than the disease.

Oh my, there's dissent within.

"Filled with lively stories, The Mechanical Horse reveals how the bicycle transformed American life."

Sure the bicycle, like other new technology, made some changes in people's lives. But nothing like the automobile. You could make the case that the automobile has done more to change society than any other machine except, perhaps, the printing press.

There is more than one connection between the two. Bicycles popularized mechanical transport. Bicyclists lobbied for paved roads. The motor-cycle came as early. The Butler Petrol Cycle (1884) beat the first petrol powered car by a hair (Daimler, 1886).

And of course the bicycle remains the most efficient form of human land transport (about 600 mpg, if you count olive oil calories as your gallons).

I'm not going to argue with the automobile or the printing press. Or, for that matter, the Haber process for fixing nitrogen.

The bicycle, though, is important. It's probably more important to the role of women than the automobile (since in The Greatest Generation it was almost always the men who drove, and even with boomers I bet husbands log more miles than wives when they are both in the car).

Bicycle development was also an entry into automotive and airplane technology, most notably Orville and Wilbur. [whose permanent contribution to bicycle technology was the reverse thread on the left pedal].

How about the electric generator?

The bicycle is a marvelous invention. Most people had a bicycle before they could afford a car (or were old enough). I think as others have mentioned it has been more significant than given credit for. I look forward to reading this book.

Liberals, when they aren't being stupid, are liars and bullying fascists.

As opposed to the wise, honest and well-meaning fascists who need to break us into pieces before they make us into something worthwhile, right?

And read Rana Foo-something in Time magazine.

Raging socialist passing conventional socialist wisdom to idiots.

Could you be more specific? Sounds rather more like the endless drivel with no actual content designed to malign anyone who doesn't tow the line.

What counts as a socialist in your books? 39% of GDP or 40%?

Is "nope" a caricature?

If serious, he's got a serious case of zombie-dirtbagitus

The socialists will have us all riding bicycles again. Ironic, China using cars, US using bicycles. We are returning to 19th century technology. They call themselves 'progressives.'

BTW, I don't understand driverless cars. I see driverless buses or trains. No one would own a driverless car.

Bicycle sales in China run about 60 million per year. About half are electric bikes or parts to electrify bikes each year, with China buying 98% of global electric bike components.

Basically, more electric bicycles are put on the road in China than cars and trucks.

And at least half the cars in China are vehicles you would reject as being "real cars".

Motorcycle sales have fallen from about 20 million to half that because they are banned from many urban areas (too polluting because they are cheap two cycle) with electric bicycles and small cars replacing them. Now cars are being restricted due to pollution.

Tyler, would you say the Kurz volume on economic thought "recommends itself"?

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