*The Complete Review Guide to Contemporary World Fiction*

That is the new book by M.A. Orthofer, out soon this April.  If you measure book quality by the actual marginal product of the text, this is one of the best books written, ever.  Reading the manuscript in draft form induced me to a) write an enthusiastic blurb, and b) order about forty items through Amazon, mostly used of course.  The book is basically a comprehensive guide to what is valuable and interesting in recently translated world literature, a meta-book so to speak, with extensive coverage of most of the countries you might want.

Here is the book’s home page.  Here is a superb New Yorker profile of Orthofer, who writes the blog Literary Saloon.  Highly recommended to avid readers of fiction.


Tyler, which books did you order; maybe we don't need a list of all 40 but perhaps the top 10 that Orthofer inspired you to read.

"the actual marginal product of the text," can you please share with us what exactly you mean by that , and how you measure it? or is it something purely subjective?

The more books it compels you to buy, the better. See http://marginalrevolution.com/marginalrevolution/2015/01/the-amazon-order-test-as-an-algorithm-for-evaluating-books.html

But that is the marginal product for the sellers!

Why, don't you derive benefits too?

When you say " this is one of the best books written, ever", do you man one of the best books on literature or one of the best books in general?

Thanks for the book review. Hopefully its out on Kindle soon.

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