Tuesday assorted links

1. How judges change their behavior to court Supreme Court nominations.

2. Finland contributes to the drone wars.

3. Markets in everything would YOU ride the death simulator culture that is China.

4. The coffee shop wars of Seoul.

5. Why aren’t there more Americans in the Panama Papers?  And Henry’s primer on tax havens.  And Cass Sunstein on the same.  There is some evidence this kind of tax evasion is declining (NYT).

6. Benjamin Kunkel’s tweet: “Clinton’s achievement: liberals who once complained abt Citizens United now insist it’s a slur to suggest big donors influence politicians.”  Here is Paul Krugman: “Clinton, who has said that coal is on its way out, is a tool of the fossil-fuel industry because some people who work in that industry gave her money? Wow.”

7. More interesting data on taxis, Uber, and Lyft in NYC.


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