Friday assorted links

1. Museum of the Flat Earth opens in Newfoundland.

2. Interview with Matt Gentzkow.

3. Can a Chinese “straddling bus” carry one thousand people?  And China’s scientific ambitions — scale, scale, scale!  The latter is an important piece, deserving its own post though it is too hard to excerpt and thus it ends up as a link.

4. Can you catch terrorists by using machine learning to analyze faces?

5. “The first rule of Friends of Abe,” members are told at their induction meeting, “is don’t talk about Friends of Abe.”  Link here.

6. Henry on vindictive billionaires (and me).  I worry more about vindictive non-billionaires.  More directly to Henry’s point, I think there is a pretty clear libertarian mode of discourse about excess legal damages.  And while libertarians may not have a good “public choice” solution to that problem, it is hardly the case that the bad outcomes there have been driven by billionaires, quite the contrary.  The net effect of billionaires is to keep down the size of legal awards, for obvious reasons, and that tendency is likely to continue.

7. Profile of Dani Rodrik (pdf).


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