The Solow Model Animated!

eL-lettersModern Principles of Economics was the first principles textbook to make the Solow model of economic growth easily accessible to undergraduates. By focusing on simple mathematics that the students already know, like the square root function, we made the Solow model easy to understand without losing the power of the model to explain the world.

Modern Principles is the only textbook with the Super Simple Solow model! And now we’ve brought the model to life with a series of fun videos in our Principles of Macroeconomics class at MRUniversity. You’ve never seen the Solow model taught like this!

Introduction to the Solow Model introduces the questions and the “characters” that drive the story. Physical capital and diminishing returns explains the idea of a production function and diminishing returns. We then introduce capital depreciation and focus in on the most important idea for understanding the Solow model, the steady state:

I’ll cover some more videos in the Solow series later this week.


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