Tuesday assorted links

1. Xenoglossy.

2. Oxford lecture by Glenn Loury on race, his intellectual and personal background, and his intellectual migration, among other matters (pdf).

3. How to lose thirty calories a meal in Thailand just by changing your plate (speculative).

4. “Their primary difficulty is not necessarily one of healing emotional wounds; they thrived in combat. It is rather a matter of unlearning the very skills that have kept them alive: unceasing vigilance; snap decision making; intolerance for carelessness; the urge to act fast and decisively.  “I don’t even leave my house much,” said Jeff Ewert, who served with the Marines in Iraq and now lives in Utah. “I’m scared not because I’m an über-killer or anything. I just minimize my exposure because I know how easy it is to cross that line, to act without thinking.””  Story here, NYT.

5. Too much Airbnb in Iceland?

6. David Beckworth podcast with Greg Ip.


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