Thursday assorted links

1. “For nearly 40 years he played host every May to a carriage parade from his house to the annual steeplechase races in Winterthur, the former du Pont estate in Delaware, followed by a celebration and pig roast at Chadds Ford…A bon vivant and a character, Mr. Weymouth was a toff of the old school, with a global network of friends in high places. He rarely turned on a television, in part because he never mastered a remote control, or light switches, for that matter. He preferred candlelight. Computers he regarded as an abomination.”  NYT obituary here.

2. “You cannot talk about aggregate productivity growth without talking about both technology and the distribution of workers across sectors. Anecdotes – positive or negative – about individual technologies are not informative about the aggregate level of productivity growth.”  Link here.

3. “Have you tried turning it off and on again?”  That too, can be automated.

4. Interview with Jessa Crispin.  And why is it hard to pick up Singlish?

6. FT Alphaville: “…we tend to think, if anything, endowments at the biggest schools are actually far too small, rather than too large.”

7. An actual case of cement shoes (NYT).  And Stadt Zug will accept Bitcoin for small sums (in German).


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