Monday assorted links

1. Dutch government to fund major research replication effort.

2. Modeling the giraffe: can it swim?  How can you argue with sentences such as these: “Giraffe limb bones are slightly thicker than those of other artiodactyls (van Schalwyk et al. 2004), so their density was set as being somewhat higher than the rest of the body (1050 g/l vs 1000 g/l). The giraffe’s most notable feature – its neck – was set at 850 g/l, as is typical for hoofed mammals. As we’ll see, the high density of the distal parts of the limbs and low density of the neck and head seem to have implications for the floating and swimming behaviour of giraffes.”

3. “Maybe instead of blaming elites we should be blaming the fact the GDP now seems to have a unit root.

4. The impact of lexical and sentiment factors on which research papers get cited.

5. Some basics on Article 50 notification.


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