Saturday assorted links

1. “This small-scale experiment shows that my colleagues’ honesty rate greatly depends on something as simple as a pen hanging down from the refrigerator.

2. Were Spanish real wages higher in 1300 than in 1850?

3. “In fact, the economy is not a machine, and it does not have a gas pedal.”  That is Arnold Kling on macro.  And here is Yuval Levin on Arnold’s new macro book.  And from the St. Louis Fed: “The new approach is based on the idea that the economy may visit a set of possible regimes instead of converging to a single, long-run steady state.”

4. Behavioral economics guide 2016.

5. Famous authors pick their favorite European novels.  Quite a good list, not just the usual.

6. Japanese ad for Donald Trump, possible Straussian ending.

7. Raghuram Rajan will leave the Indian central bank.


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