Monday assorted links

1. Why is the Iranian government opening the world’s biggest bookstore?

2. Interesting new books still to come in 2016, good offbeat but quality list.  And here is a more populist and more British Guardian summer reading symposium.

3. New Athey and Imbens survey of applied econometrics, 75 pp. pdf, probably very good.

4. Some major diseases are fading, and for mysterious reasons (NYT).  Yet if you are an astronaut, a mysterious syndrome is worsening your sight.

5. The Coasean, lobster-buying monks of Prince Edward Island.

6. Why are many insect populations declining?

7. It seems there is racial bias in police use of force, but not police shootings.  That is an NYT story, do note some limitations in the data, here is the Roland Fryer NBER paper.  Good Twitter comments here.


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