Saturday assorted links

1. The emotional arcs of stories.

2. Lord Monboddo redux photo.  And pride of lions kills five poachers.

3. Has Uber made it easier to get a ride in the rain? (yes, supply curves do slope upwards)

4. Autism as a disorder of high intelligence.  And why the gender gap in chess? (NYT)

5. By no means is all of the law in the public domain.

6. Paul McCartney: “Despite saying he wouldn’t have voted, “I think I would have come down on the remain side because people like the Governor of the Bank of England, a lot of financial experts, were saying that,” McCartney said. “I think the strongest argument that I heard, a friend of mine who was a political journalist said, [is that people] shouldn’t forget this is the longest sustained peace in Europe.””


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