Sunday assorted links

1. Obama at night (NYT).

2. MIE experiment: “Who would go to a restaurant to eat Frosted Flakes—and pay $6, maybe even $8 for it? What if the bowl was topped with a sprinkle of lemon zest, toasted pistachios and fresh thyme, and was singularly delicious?”  New York will soon find out.

3. One dad’s story on confirmation and availability bias.

4. Why are NBA stars paid more than NFL stars?

5. “In 2013, there were 166 black-owned radio stations and 68 black-owned radio companies, compared with 250 stations and 146 companies in 1995…” Black media companies are now fighting for survival (NYT).  I would say the returns to scale have been going up in the sector, though at much smaller levels the returns to scale are down, witness “Black Twitter.”  This is perhaps another example of the hollowing out of the middle.

6. The magical thinking of pro-Brexit conservatives.  And put the referendum aside, constituency-by-constituency, most of the support is for Leave.  Sobering.  And here is an excellent John Kay piece: “As one student of Scottish politics, explaining the UK Independence party’s lack of traction north of the border, put it to me two years ago: “People in Scotland who are disgruntled and suspicious of foreigners [the English] already have a party they can vote for.””


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