Sunday assorted links

1. Mountains May Depart is an excellent Jia Zhangke movie, hat tip Scott Sumner.  I also very much like The Innocents, still in some theaters around you.

2. Model this: Indian baby-tossing (NYT).  And here is Luke Aikins-tossing, I note that a number of action movies with plunging heroes just became more plausible.

3. What people collect (NYT).

4. “There is no comprehensive data on U.S. Olympic athlete pay, but information collected by a nonprofit last year from 150 track and field athletes ranked in the top 10 in the country in their events found an average income of $16,553.” Link here.  The coaches and bureaucrats typically make much more.

5. Is the “better camera” the main reason why we are all so worried?  Not my view, but always happy to put contrasting opinions before you.

6. What a “left wing” British debate looks like.  Don’t even click on or read that highly intelligent yet train wreck of a link, just return to my earlier claim “…the important European thinkers of the next generation will be religious, not left-wing and secular.”


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