Tuesday assorted links

1. “We find that immigrants initially located in places with larger co-ethnic networks are more likely to be employed at first, but have a lower probability of investing in human capital. In the long run they are more likely to be mis-matched in their job and to earn a lower wage.”  NBER link here.

2. Good Judgment Open, for superforecasters.

3. Beijing menu posts menu prices as math equations.

4. The humans behind the chatbots.

5. Don’t take these numbers too literally, but some good Irish gdp revisions.  I wonder what Scott Sumner thinks of that 32.4% ngdp growth.  Krugman offers some explanatory links.  Here is a lengthy discussion of why it is difficult to interpret Irish national accounts (pdf).

6. Haagen-Dazs to close some branches in second- and third-tier Chinese cities.


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