Where to dine in London

I recommend two Indian places, neither super cheap but each worth it:

Amaya, and


Both are good for vegetarians, the former especially.  Trishna is another good Indian place in London, though I won’t get to visit this time around.


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How could you not mention Veeraswamy, the first Indian restaurant in London (opened in 1926) and still one of the best ?

Tayyabs, which is just down the road from me, is nice if you like Pakistani food, especially the grilled meats.

I prefer Lahore Kebab House

I'll second the vote for Trishna: their lunch menu is particularly good value. Also if you have time to kill before a train from Euston there are some good veggie Indian places on Drummond Street near the station. Diwari my favourite of those.

yes we had the Trishna tasting menu last week with wine (including an Indian wine). Fantastic Indian flavours. But why is my life on marginal revolution, is the world now so small!?

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Sorry, but it's just how I feel.

Trishna and Gymkhana are decent but Dishoom is deservedly the most popular Indian restaurant in London.

Taste of Pakistan out in Hounslow is probably the most popular Pakistani place currently.

Have to agree with this - while Gymkhana and Amaya are good, it seems they try too hard.
The food at Dishoom seems effortless, and far closer to what you would be in a modest restaurant in Bombay
rather the Michelin starred ones. Dont get me wrong, they are excellent but seem less authentic.

Mr. Cowen, there is an error in the title of your post. It should be "Where to dine on the Indian subcontinent"

My favorite Indian restaurant in London, w/o doubt, is Cafe Spice Namaste, near the Tower of London. And it's even priced reasonably.

I second Cafe Spice Namaste. As for local curry houses, Vijay in Kilburn, NW6 is hard to beat.

Agree on Gymkhana - my personal favourite. Quilon is also excellent . dishoom is also excellent for brunch

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Are there any Indian vegetarian restaurants or dishes in England named after Srinivasa Ramanujan?

Indian restaurants in the UK are a slowly dying breed. New immigration restrictions have hit curry chefs, and natives (including British Indians) aren't particularly keen on the long hours and poor pay. The future will be formulaic chain restaurants, the Indian equivalent of the Olive Garden.

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