The Art of Kal Mansur

I’m a fan of the work of Canadian artist, Kal Mansur (whom I have known since high school). Photos of his work look like paintings but they are more like sculptures. Underneath the surface are sculptural elements that refract and diffuse the light. In person these pieces have a glow and they look subtly different at different angles or in different light.

Kal has an exhibition at George Billis in New York, Sep 1-Oct 1, 2016, with opening reception Sept. 1, 6-8 pm if you are interested or see the link above. Tell him Alex said hello.




It's pretty, the concept of sculptural elements in a painting is interesting, and congrats to your friend for making a living as an artist.

I personally don't understand abstract art except as decoration. I'd feel more comfortable with it, I guess, if I could be assured that abstract artists had the technical ability to paint like Vermeer or Repin but chose not to. I do not have this assurance.

If someone can make something original and pleasing to the eye, good for him and let us call him an artist. If someone makes a fortune doing derivative and hideous work because some rich guy falls for it, good for him and let us call him Jeff Koons.

If every artist painted like Vermeer , we would not appreciate Vermeer so much. Maybe we should appreciate Vermeer for being Vermeer and Mansur for being Mansur.

Brazilian painter Pedro Américo, when he was a boy, painted a chair and people fell off trying to seat on it. Nowadays, "art" is just Morse Code, dots and dashes, full of colors and squibbles signifying nothing.


Ah, the good old days of art ... when Brazilians fell down while trying to mount depictions of chairs.

(Mind you, I am in complete agreement about contemporary abstract art. The transfiguration of the commonplace by the annoying is not inspiring to me.)

"when Brazilians fell down while trying to mount depictions of chairs."

Not only Brazilians, people from the entire world went to his small town to try to mount his depiction of a chair.

As I said, I guess I'd at least like to know an artist COULD paint like Vermeer if he wanted, and that if he didn't it was because he chose not to.

(Similarly, I'd like to know that Peter Berg's shakicam filmmaking style is a choice, and not the result of him working with DPs who don't know how to use their camera equipment.)

There's some relativism to that of course. I don't expect Tlingit printmakers to be able to paint like Vermeer, only to be able to make Tlingit designs. That's because Tlingit printmakers don't come from the same cultural heritage as Vermeer. Maybe it's my fault for seeing modern abstract Western art as part of the same cultural heritage as Vermeer.

It's a repetitive random crap but at least in this department Kal Mansur is better than Mark Rothko.

I certainly can't paint like Vermeer. Nor can I milk a cow or hunt for my own food. I only hope that the next time I meet an academic he can do.............................anything.

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