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#6...If there's a movement to put a bra fence on the border with Mexico I'd be hard pressed not to support it.

Yes, please keep us abreast of any developments.

I was surprised the article didn't mention bra trees, which are ubiquitous at ski resorts, and have been for as long as I can remember.

Beware the endless litigation that will likely ensue over the potential destruction of the Mexican titmouse.

"The fence's removal led to an attempt to make the world's longest bra chain, at an annual festival in nearby Wanaka, later that year. The chain reached some 7,400 bras, over 100,000 short of the world record, but raised over $10,000 for charity." markets in everything 108,000 bras linked together edition

Cool story, bra.

I see no reason to promote that kind of cleavage between our two countries.

Stop trying to milk every last pun out of this story!

Jocks aside, the comments can be considered ofencive.

1. Bushisms. A walk down memory lane. According to Bush economic adviser Keith Hennessey, Bush " "intentionally aimed his public image at average Americans rather than at Cambridge or Upper East Side elites". [The entry for Bushisms is linked from the entry for Unusual articles.] By contrast, Donald Trump is just an ignoramus, his incoherent speaking style a mere reflection of his uneducated audience who somehow can interpret what Trump is saying. As between George and his younger brother Jeb, Jeb is considered the "smart brother"; but as between George and Donald, George is the smart one.

Interesting. Here is another walk down memory lane - maybe it jibes with yours, maybe not. Years ago I heard Trump being interviewed on the Howard Stern show. Trump completely - not just a little, but completely - owned Stern, who is no dummy (Background: I like Shatner, but Stern made Shatner - a legitimate Shakespearean actor, and Hollywood's best Alyosha Karamazov, for the record - sound flat (Stern's shtick back in the day was to make the celebrities he talked to sound like they were inferior to Stern - it was a very weird vibe) - and he made Al Michaels, a smart guy, sound dumb, and, if I remember rightly, he made two or three very bright Hollywood liberals sound like Crackhead Bob a good two or three years into the heaviest crack years. (Off topic, it is hard to forgive Stern for the callous way he treated Dana Plato - although I think he would agree on that ). I did not pay much attention at the time to the Trump interview - Stern, although bright, is a dull and tedious barbarian, and Trump was, back then, not the current pro-life guy who plausibly and interestingly claims to deeply care about poor communities. Anyway, the Joseph Campbell take on Bush is that his moment of truth came when he needed to win local Texas voters - not all that easy for a prep school male cheerleader, even one with a prestigious former gig as the privileged guy who got to fly a big old jet in the Reserves (which is actually a big and scary deal, but most people wouldn't agree or wouldn't be aware of that) - and that he Texified himself and that he thereby met that challenge. Had he not, who knows who the 2000 Republican candidate might have been. There have been (my guess from, for the most part, a far distance) legitimately non-smart presidential candidates in my lifetime: like them or not, none were named Clinton or Bush (or Trump, for that matter).

Well this is stupid, but not so stupid as a tattoo. Nails grow out whereas a tattoo is forever. Of course it's forever even if you don't want it anymore and eventually it will become a blue splotch. Tattoos are as stupid as it gets..

There's also the "to each their own" way of viewing things. If someone want to use their body as a canvas, then why not? Nail painting is even less permanent than temporary tattoos. Just apply the nail polish and it's gone in minutes.

I wasn't talking about temporary tattoos hence my reference to not being able to get rid of them when you want to.

OK. Forget about the tats.

Nail polish can be easily removed in minutes.

I am assuming the lack of comments is a direct result of thousands of man-hours wasted, despite the warning, in the time sink that is #1.

Demned cheek, what?


He should have mentioned 3001, not Dune. There's a lovely side comment in there about how half the population didn't survive the introduction of the braincap, a sort of VR/augmented reality device implanted in your body, which is utterly routine by the time of 3001. Now that's a novel Clarke should have written. And it's a candidate for people who think there's still some additional fertility filter coming in the future.

5. The argument clinic is a great idea.

No it isn't.

Yes it is!

Monty Python - Argument Clinic

Far funnier than Anne Elk ever was.

5: That's very strange. Did they both collapse at exactly the same time? You'd think one of them would faint, and then the other would walk away victorious (perhaps to collapse later, elsewhere).

5. Not sure why I thought of Adams and Jefferson and the conclusion of their argument on July 4th, 1826.

I recently witnessed an Amish family signing up to go whitewater rafting in Glenwood Springs. The guide I had said they are consistently the best paddlers for staying in sync he gets.

Some Amish folks are down for thrills. Wish I would have taken a photo. A couple of good ones come up on google images.

2. Author seems to have quite an obsession for internet porn. He seems desperate that it be "normal" behavior to sit in front of a screen with your pants down. Different strokes, I guess.

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