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I believe the photo should be labelled nsfw. I can actually see that woman's ankles.

It's like VR wants to fill in for the imagination. There's a reason the book is almost always better than the movie.

Bryce Courtenay's The Power of One was a good deal worse than the movie.

I expect a lot of VR art to be pretty bad for a while -- within the sphere of computer gaming. New art forms will have to be invented to use the technology. And I will still prefer books.

Mr. Troll, this looks very very fun and it's more interactive than boring movies

3. The burkini should be banned simply because it looks ridiculous

The burkini has a practical side, during noon it gives your skin SPF 50 protection. The burkini reminds me of a joke: when a member of French parliament said "Gentlemen and ladies, please let's be reasonable; there's only a 3% difference in identifying a female clad in a string bikini vs one clad in a burkini, since the faces are visible in both outfits", the entire French parliament rose in unison and shouted: "Vive la différence!"

I think you're tongue in cheek but SPF protection is not why it's being worn. It's to follow radical Islam.

"It’s to follow radical Islam"

Which is a very new thing. Up until the great mosque seizure and Iranian revolution the middle east was westernizing and relegating religion to the private irrelevant role it had in the west. The idea of educated women wearing tarha (hijab is also a very modern word) was ludicrous.

Time passing doesn't always mean progress.....

What is ludicrous is men telling women what they can or cannot wear. It seems that not just Muslims and the French think it is OK but many of the men posting here do to.

Its true, fashion advice is terrible.

"What is ludicrous is men telling women what they can or cannot wear. " -So if the government were run 100% by women, it'd be okay? Because that sounds like a pretty f'in stupid argument to me.

it's not at all fashion guys. It's radical Islam extremely protective of women. In Corse ( French Island in the Mediterranean) this weekend, some local Muslim women were on a beach in Burkini. Some tourists were taking pictures. They were attacked by Muslim men, some with axes. This led to the village men coming to the rescue and to a riot.

Being part of five percent on the beach wearing a burkini is not modest at all. It's meant to attract attention and broadcast the bather's religious affiliation to people who don't care (and do so in a holier-than-thou wa).

How is that more modest than simply dressing within the normal range of variation?

And your theory is sufficient reason to forbid it then? Somehow?

Bring back the chastity belt! We must keep women in their place!

One's choices should be judged based on the intention, not how others react to them. Otherwise, it's a very slippery slope to blaming the victim for all kinds of things ("well, you shouldn't have been wearing s hoodie"). The intention is physical modesty.

I can't believe how eager some Europeans seem to be to restrict religious freedom.

Try religious freedom in Muslim countries. See if you can wear a bikini on a public Saudi beach

So this is some kind of intolerance competition?

It's not unimportant . Islam's very high intolerance of other religions is a hallmark of it being being a totalitarian system. The French should feel no compulsion to accommodate culturally this totalitarian system.

Nonsense. It's about as simple as you can get - no colors, ruffles, flags etc.

Modesty is not a bad thing. Different people have different modesty norms. That's not a bad thing either. It's amazing how easily bigotry trumps basic civilized norms of leaving people in peace who are not hurting anyone else.

It's the Muslims that are intolerant and bigots. A tourist in the French Island of Corse yesterday took pictures of a women in Burkini. He was attacked with a harpoon and axes by Muslim men. Thisl ed to a riot with 4 people critically injured. Multi-culturalism does not work

"Being part of five percent on the beach wearing a burkini is not modest at all. It’s meant to attract attention and broadcast the bather’s religious affiliation to people who don’t care..."

If they don't care, it shouldn't attract attention.

4. It must be nice to be above the law.

SECTION 4. Immunity of Assets from Seizure
SECTION 5. Immunity of Archives
SECTION 6. Freedom of Assets from Restrictions
SECTION 7. Privilege for Communications
SECTION 8. Immunities and Privileges of Officers and Employees
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"World Bank experts consider themselves an elite fraternity."

What else would you expect from a bunch of pampered Harvard University socialists ?

The World Bank can not be reformed by anyone because its fundamental concept and existence is counter to economic reality.

Good to see the UK hasn't become any less eccentric in my absence.

If VR will become a profitable business, it has to be better than present technologies. There are two applications now: gaming and rule 34. From the gaming side consumers demand interesting games meaning the plot has to be compelling, it has to be entertaining, not so difficult but not so easy......"immersive" is not the consumer demands. The "immersive" property is on the mind of the gamer. People could get into the game with 256*240 pixels, adding 3D and more pixels make it more beautiful but there are still beautiful but boring games. On porn, in theory it should work but there are a few bumps

Left-wingers are a bunch of bigots.

#3 reminds me of Garrison Keillor talking about people being execive or ostentatious in their modesty.

#6 I hope that Hillary reconsiders her hawkishness and changes direction so we avoid 4 (or 8) more years of war. It is quite possible that she will, though it seems unlikely. I want the US military out of Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Syria and close that base in Saudi Arabia too.

And oh BTW why are there still bases in Germany and Japan?

#6 - birds on a wire, I think this is natural behavior of cormorants, who like company, like many birds. Nothing spooky about it. Reminds me of a Chinese gf I once had who thought purple martins all nesting together in a colony was weird, wrong and gross. I dropped her shortly after that; I'm not compatible with ignorant people. Or maybe she dropped me.

Given how bad 2 or 3 cormorants on a wire smell, I shudder.

'And oh BTW why are there still bases in Germany and Japan?'

Strategic interests in the case of Japan (if the UK can be called Airstrip One, think of Japan as a still attached part of today's Oceania). In the case of Germany, mainly legacy infrastructure in a fairly convenient logistical/geographical location. Like here - or hereöhr - 'The Grafenwöhr Training Area is one of its largest training areas and includes ranges that can accommodate nearly every weapons system currently used. Though operated by the U.S. Army, the area is the largest multinational training area in Europe.'

As a note, the American military has virtually no presence in Germany any longer, with a few exceptions (Ramstein will likely remain a USAF hub into the foreseeable future, for example). Ironically, the German government is the one that built and maintained all the base infrastructure, meaning that such (non-trivial) costs become the responsibility of the American taxpayer when American soldiers are stationed on American soil. And as this list shows - - the American military presence is essentially concentrated in only a few areas, and is still shrinking.

I'm all in favor of not selling wands to muggles, but I can see auras and I can teach other people to see auras, so perhaps I'm biased. Also, one of my ancestors (Elizabeth LeStrange) was burned at the stake. We are not entirely pleased with you muggles.

3) I have heard of banning people from not wearing enough clothes but never from wearing too much. If a government were to ban women from wearing tops, would that be a proper use of its power?

It's very reverse-Orwellian, if you've read the novel "1984" by G. Orwell, and understood the role of sex in that story.

There's health reasons for banning bras. I'd be all in favor of that.

#4 Currently there are many news about stress tests for banks. There is one definately the most well prepared.

'''indigenous Australians, in which it was explained that on cold nights they would customarily sleep in a hole in the ground while embracing a dingo (wild dog). On colder nights they would sleep with two dogs and, if the night was freezing, it was a "three dog night" '''

Now AIIB is one up on that. Out of the 5 VPs 4 of them have PhD degrees and the fitth is a British knight.

Incidentally both presidents of the World Bank and AIIB have the same surname. Kim is very common among the Korean descendents while Jin is rare among the Chinese, both mean GOLD. Fitting surname for bank presidents :)

#6 Since the author is facinated with Tokyo birds and pedestrian crossing, it is strange that he did not photographed the Tokyo crows that drop hard shell nuts on pedestrain crossings and retrieve the kernels exposed by the traffics when the lights turn green.

All the snark about the modest bathing suit is understandable, but I would have expected that the libertarians on this site would think that the French were violating people's rights by banning them.

They do. But the racists here think it is good 'cause Islam.

Islam is a race?

Where do you think people who immigrate to Europe (the new excuse for hysteria) come from?
Tip: it is not Europe.

" who immigrate to Europe"

Mass movement of peoples from muslim majority countries into Europe is a very well known phenomenon. It's very hard to call it "immigration" since that implies conforming to local norms and these "immigrants" tend to do everything they can to not follow local norms (beyond deigning to accept welfare).

So... there's no such thing as Arab or Turkish Christians or Jews? A Zoroastrian or Buddhist cannot come from north africa or afghanistan? Or, are you saying that burkas are a racial thing and not a religious thing?

To Religious Reactionary, it is absolutely an un-libertarian position to ban certain clothing if it's not a safety hazard. If you're offended because you saw some skin or didn't, get over yourself. But to think that Islam is a race thing is itself racist and ignorant.

"So… there’s no such thing as Arab or Turkish Christians or Jews?"

There is such thing, but rather rare, because their peace-loving Muslim brethren did decimate them over the centuries. Pogrom here, mass murder there. All religious minorities in Muslim-ruled countries shrink, some have already disappeared. Coincidence? No.

"to ban certain clothing" is certainly un-libertarian. It has its internal logic, though. If French Muslims were known for their tolerance of other lifestyles, no one of significance would care about their burkini. They are not; they enforce their customs and practices rather violently on any territory they claim for their own. This provokes a reaction of the same kind. To call this "bigotry" is misuse of the term; "reprisal" is probably the correct word.

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