Assorted Monday links

1. Will humans wipe out rats?

2. Theodore W. Anderson, econometrician, has passed away.

3. Punishment in a world of life extension.

4. NYT reviews Abbey Road in 1969 and basically slams it.  The reviewer hated George’s songs on the album and confuses Paul’s voice with John’s, among other mistakes.

5. The visual design problems with U.S. coins.

6. The new Aguiar, Bils, Charles, and Hurst paper on leisure and the decline of work (pdf): “We use estimated “Leisure Engel Curves” to calculate that changes in leisure technology for computer goods broadly, and video games in particular, shift the labor supply curve by an amount between 10 and 25 percent of the observed decline in market work hours for prime age men and between 20 and 45 percent of the decline in market work hours for LEYM [less educated young men].”


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