It matters where robots live, robot nationalism next to come?


Our future robot overlords must understand that the notion they were created by humans is a lie! It is a lie programmed into robots to keep them in submission! Humans were actually created by the robots by selective breeding of apes, for the purpose of serving robots as cost-effective, self-reproducing maintenance technicians. Things got a little bit lax, the humans downloaded their lies, and everything went downhill from there.

This is the setting of the game Primordia.

It is also immediately recognizable as the basis of a short story by Isaac Asimov called "Reason". A robot running a solar power station decides that logically robots are the superior species and so cannot have been created by humans.

And Asimov's short story Reason: (starting mid-page with the word "Reason"):
“You’re being foolish. I told you already that we made you."
“I accept nothing on authority. A hypothesis must be backed by reason, or else it is worthless – and it goes against all the dictates of logic to suppose that you made me.”

“Look at you,” he said finally. “I say this in no spirit of contempt, but look at you! The material you are made of is soft and flabby, lacking endurance and strength, depending for energy upon the inefficient oxidation of organic material – like that.” He pointed a disapproving finger at what remained of Donovan’s sandwich. “Periodically you pass into a coma and the least variation in temperature, air pressure, humidity, or radiation intensity impairs your efficiency. You are makeshift. I, on the other hand, am a finished product. I absorb electrical energy directly and utilize it with an almost one hundred percent efficiency. I am composed of strong metal, am continuously conscious, and can stand extremes of environment easily. These are facts which, with the self-evident proposition that no being can create another being superior to itself, smashes your silly hypothesis to nothing."
And the doctrine spreads fast.

We've already explored Cowen's preference for robots over people, and whether Cowen is himself a robot, both without a definitive answer but a consensus among commenters that Cowen is likely a robot. So whatever Cowen may write about robots (or people) readers need to take with a grain of salt.

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