Saturday assorted links

1. The geography of populist surgesThis update tells us that rural income did OK.

2. Airbnb + clapped out taxi cab = NYC on $39 a nightThis guy (NYT) pays $450 a month for a 40-square foot cubbyhole in Williamsburg.  And the homes of New Yorkers on TV are looking worse (NYT).

3. “…the phenomenon of men opting out of work is limited to the native-born.”  That is one reason why I don’t think it is just demand.

And here is Pleeps on the young men who do not wish to work.  Two points: a) the gaps he finds are actually pretty large relative to the residual that needs to be explained, and b) a lot of those young men going to school never finish and in fact they are engaged in a kind of leisured unemployment, albeit at an especially high price.  In fact, if you take non-completion seriously, the entire phenomenon becomes far more visible and obvious as a problem.  The funny thing is, in these mood-affiliated times, generally you can get people to recognize the problem if you present it in the context of degree completion only and make sure to portrays the students as pure victims of circumstance.  At lower tier schools, the completion rate is now about 38 percent.  It would be shocking if there were not an analogous problem in the job market, yes shocking.  Of course we live in shocking times.

4. “I tell her just marry anyone. Whatever. All the San Francisco guys seem like the same guy to me.”  Link here.

5. The culture that is Olive Garden markets in everything.


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