Saturday assorted links

1. Peruvian interview with me (in Spanish).

2. Details on Doug Irwin’s just-delivered history of trade book.

3. Wells on Joyce: “And while you were brought up under the delusion of political suppression I was brought up under the delusion of political responsibility.”

4. The Dictator game with varying female beauty.

5. Board games non-clearing markets in everything: Scrabble yn Gymraeg, or in other words Scrabble in Welsh.  So far the five copies sitting in Waterstone’s have not been sold after two years.  Perhaps that is because the “y” and the “w” are worth only one point each.  “Twmffat” for the bonus!

6. “The paper attributes one-third to one-fifth of the decline in work hours by less-educated young men to the rising use of technology for entertainment — mainly video games.”  It’s not Scrabble yn Gymraeg keeping them at home…Link here, Alan Krueger calls it “strong evidence.”  Summers (FT) seems to endorse the hypothesis in passing.


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