Tuesday assorted links

1. Luigi Zingales on the Laureates.  And the full 49-page report on the Laureates, from Sweden.  And David Warsh on Holmström on debt and bankingCardiff Garcia on Bengt on moneyKling on the prizeBoettke on the prize.  A Fine Theorem on Oliver Hart, and how he changed his mind, recommended.  And where Nobel Laureates come from.

2. The economics of Twitter.

3. Tim Harford on man-machine interaction, adopted from his new book Messy.

4. College chain from India expanding into the U.S.?

5. Paul Krugman on Brexit and the pound. I don’t agree with those arguments, but I think they are more consistently Krugmanian than his earlier posts on Brexit.  If an economy is in demand-side secular stagnation, and then a government taxes production and trade, and takes finance down a peg, but boosts exports through a lower currency, I am not sure the model will predict significantly negative consequences.  His arguments are also consistent with a more general New Old Keynesian neglect of wealth effects.

6. Why does the UK have such a radical Brexit strategy?


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