Friday assorted links

1. Rachael Meager has new and very high quality evidence on microcredit; it’s good but not great and sometimes possibly zero effect in the aggregate.  She is a job market candidate at MIT.

2. “Neiman Marcus Is Selling Frozen Collard Greens For $66 Plus Shipping.

3. Watch a drone hack a room of smart light bulbs from outside the window.

4. “Proponents of the gondola argue that it is far cheaper and quicker to build than a Metro station.”  When it comes to transportation, there is definitely a great stagnation.  ““Just think of it as a Georgetown Metro station,” Sternlieb said.”  Building the system, by the way, would take considerably longer than fighting and winning WWII.

5. Do Nanodegrees (TM!) have a future?

6. I’ve been waiting for someone to call a piece “White Riot,” now it has been done.  The piece has too much posturing, and pandering/moralizing, but on the factual side it has a variety of worthwhile and interesting points.


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