Kirkus Reviews praises *The Complacent Class*

An influential economist seeks to persuade readers that American citizens have gotten overly complacent, that a crisis point is near, and that a widespread rebellion may alter the existing order.

…In conclusion, Cowen describes how a dynamic society should look and feel, and then he shifts his pessimism about the present to a sort of ersatz optimism about the future, when current structures collapse and chaos improves American democracy.

Here is the full review.  And just one point: I know many of you claim I have not predicted much of current goings-on.  It is true I did not expect Trump to win, but you will find many other predictions in this book, most of which are looking pretty good as of today.  Typically if I am writing material into a book I do not blog it, so that the material will be fresh to all of my readers.  If you order The Complacent Class, you will find very little of it already has shown up on MR, the chapter on productivity excepted.  You could say the better the book, the more you will find a few significant gaps on this blog.  Sorry!


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