Saturday assorted links

1. Medical hand-washing is addictive, and persists once monitoring is removed, an important result.  That is by Reshmaan Hussam, currently a job market candidate at MIT.  Here is her YouTube talk on the same topic.  This is probably going to be one of the best and most important job market papers of the year.

2. The audacious plan to bring back supersonic flight.

3. Can scientists publish their best work at any age?  This seems counterintuitive to me, but it is always worth examining that which challenges our prior beliefs.

4. Does the “bike desk” improve cognitive performance?

5. Zizek endorses Trump.

6. “Rogoff predicts that future cash registers will include scanners that log purchases with plastic bills, blending elements of digital and physical currencies.” Link here, that is a Jeremy Bentham idea, basically.


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