Sunday assorted links

1. Will Trump seek to change the Fed? (NYT)

2. Robin Hanson on what is the real botttleneck for innovation.  And Robin tells you to stop obsessing over the election and think big.

3. How to liberate Wu-Tang Clan music (NYT).

4. Interpretive frameworks and the election.

5. “…the protracted struggle over the mode of selecting an executive was but a continuation of the struggle that marked the debate on the composition of the legislature.”  Read Shlomo Slomin on the origins of the electoral college (pdf), no it wasn’t just about slavery and don’t be fooled by the (partisan) literature suggesting the contrary.  Slavery was just one issue of many behind the evolution of the institution.

6. Freddie says: “It doesn’t matter if you should have to change. You do have to change. Or else you have to accept the irrelevance of what you do.”  I think we’re going to find that a whole set of commentators suddenly have become irrelevant and uninteresting.

7. Are Yale economics students fragile snowflakes?


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