Apple accessory markets in everything

A Candle That Gives Off The Scent Of Freshly Unboxed Apple Products

It is 100% soy wax, in case you are wondering.

The pointer is from Ted Gioia.


This topic should have the title, "There Is No Great Stagnation"

I love the smell of ethyl butyrate & acetaldehyde in the morning!

Causes cancer, like 'new car smell'.

Wouldn't the reverse make more sense -- instead of a candle that smells like plastic and circuit board, make the computer smell like something nice. Like an apple, for instance.

Reminds me of a dirty old joke. Entrepreneur is failing to sell his idea to make smell like an orange...then the light bulb goes off.

Whoops, I put the operant vulgarity in brackets and it was disappeared.

Is this to remember the long ago time when you bought an Apple product?

At first I thought you meant products *made* of apples, like apple pies or something. And I thought, "I didn't know was made of soy smelled like apples when melted."

I shouldn't be up so late...

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