Sunday assorted links

1. The economics and behavioral economics of pimping and recruiting prostitutes.

2. “This glass fits around your nose so you can smell wine as you drink it.”  NB: the link serves up some noise to you.

3. “The state’s manual for execution procedures, which was revised last month, says attorneys of death row inmates, or others acting on their behalf, can obtain pentobarbital or sodium Pentothal and give them to the state to ensure a smooth execution.”  Link here, that is Arizona.

4. Here is my old interview with Atlantic on my news diet.  A few of you requested an update.  These days it is more Twitter, fewer blogs, more Bloomberg View, and less reliance on news magazines (though some remain excellent).  Inexplicably, on the first go-round I forgot to mention TLS and London Review of Books, I get Book Forum too  Most of all, I rely more on what people email me and tell me about.  Very recently, Twitter is more dramatic and sometimes more entertaining but also less useful for anything practical; my time allocation methods have yet to adjust but they will.

5. “It is possible to travel coast to coast—from, say, Coos Bay, Oregon, to Wilmington, North Carolina—without passing through a single county that Hillary Clinton won. Indeed there are several such routes.”  That is from Christopher Caldwell.  And new and long profile of Peter Navarro.

6. Workman’s cafe in France accidentally awarded a Michelin star.  And Hong Kong food trucks show that economy really isn’t as free as you might think (NYT).


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